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Sustainability is a key issue for businesses and society. It’s about being accountable and looking forward to new, better ways of doing things. C3 is committed to doing its part to support a sustainable society, actively managing our operations in ways that balance our business objectives with our environmental, social, and economic responsibilities.

That’s why we’ve implemented a range of environmental, social, and, economic practices to help us reduce our negative impact and give something positive back to the world.


Reducing out impact on the environment and make a positive impact

  • We will keep our carbon emissions to a minimum, and commit to Zero Carbon approach through the continued offsetting of our carbon emissions.
  • We are committed to the belief that sustainable procurement is about making purchasing decisions that are socially and ethically responsible. Considering a product’s full life cycle helps us minimise its potentially negative social and environmental impacts.
  • We will reduce by only buying products that we need and try to recycle or compost as much of our waste as possible.
  • Wherever possible our stationery will be recycled or recyclable, hence minimizing its impact on the Earth. We will use wood and paper only from sustainable sources where available. Perhaps more importantly, we will try to avoid using physical stationery and printing documents wherever possible.
  • We will develop and provide services that can be delivered with no physical goods production or transportation.


Developing a positive workplace and a healthy and fair society

  • We value our team. We will make sure that our team members enjoy their work by giving them every possible opportunity to express themselves, fulfil their potential and fit their work around the other important aspects of their lives.
  • When possible, we will work with our clients to allow for flexible working arrangements, such as working from home. We want to help C3 team members maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • We will maintain healthy relationships with our customers and accommodate their needs wherever possible.
  • We will use local suppliers where possible to reduce our carbon footprint and stimulate the local economy.
  • We will try to create opportunities for talented individuals with strong ethics and help them to develop their careers by getting them involved in our work and helping to promote them.
  • We will use fair-trade products where appropriate and actively promote the benefits of socially responsible business.


Creating a sustainable business model and contributing to stable, prosperous economy

  • We will build a strong, valuable brand.
  • We will keep costs to a minimum through the virtual operation of the business using modern communication technologies.
  • We will avoid ethical liabilities by implementing our social and environmental sustainability policies.
  • We will minimise debt and other financial liabilities.
  • We will invest in sustainable businesses practices, to help encourage the growth of a sustainable economy, as well as providing the business with a strong long-term investment portfolio.
  • We will implement simple and effective business systems so that the business runs efficiently without reliance on the specialist knowledge or skills of any one individual.

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